Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sucker Punch Review

Even with the horrible reviews on Rotten Tomatoes, I decided to still go.  Be damn what other critics said about the film.  I'd rather have an opinion on it rather than some guy who gets paid to defecate on movies for a living.

And the bottom line is, it's not that bad.  I was expecting worse.  Like Troma bad.  But it was actually pretty decent.  This movie calls to all the gamers out there.  Because Snyder made this film for you.  No doubt about it.  If you want a checklist it's got it.  Samurai Babes, check.  Zombified Steampunk Nazis, Check.  Fighting Orcs, Knights and a fucking Dragon, checkaroo. How about Robots?  It's got that too.  The movie is chocked full of action.  No complaint there.  Zack Snyder is always on top with the action.

Storywise, it's left to be desired.  But that's my opinion.  Others have said that there are deeper themes and meanings behind the film and sure, I can understand that.  I got it.  And the theme to it all I got as well.  I was cool with the whole Inception-like plot and not even explaining how that even happened, but maybe to me it was the characters who couldn't pull it off.  It's just the acting that was paper thin to me.  Sure all the girls were easy on the eyes.  And I assure they are throughout the whole film.  But other then that they just seemed two dimensional to me.  And the whole dancing thing with Babydoll I found comical.

The Score/Soundtrack I found to be pretty impressive.  Most of the songs were older and they were touched up, remixed like Tarantino usually likes to do sometimes.  But to the max in this film.  I don't think any song that was played was the original and how they fit into the scenes was great.  The Cinematography was extraordinary as well.  Like I said, this was Zack Snyder we're dealing with.  This is almost expected and you won't be left disappointed.

So all in all it's a decent film.  If you're hungry for the summer films to come out already, go and eat this one up as a snack while you wait.  It tastes good, but has empty calories.  And you shouldn't worry about it, because taste is usually the best thing.


  1. Thanks. i will go give the movie a try.

  2. Thanks for the revies! I'll git it a go :)

  3. They tried to gear it towards gamers. Unfortunately it was unsuccessful due to the extremely long drawn out boring storyline, the various emotions of the characters crying and comforting themselves, and the fact it was mostly a musical.

    It was successful in its visuals, and the girls were easy on the eyes, but that's almost a negative for me. Complete fantasy.

  4. I agree with you, well except for the easy on the eyes part as long as the characters have some depth that makes it better, but if that's all they have.... Then I'm bored.